What’s Different about FelFel?

FelFel places an emphasis on quality, to the point of being ridiculous.  We obsess over every little point of preparation.  Freshest ingredients.  Meticulous processes.  Extra staff to handle very manual tasks like fresh-baked Pita bread being made by hand from “scratch” ingredients like flour and water and oil.

Fine Fast-Casual at $10 a plate

We won’t bring out the fine china and silver, but otherwise you might close your eyes and imagine that you were transported to a simpler era …back when people actually made time for niceties like basting and slow-cooking a stack of fresh meat on a vertical spit until it makes your mouth water just to pass nearby.

We endeavor to learn each customer’s name and preferences.  We are happy to answer questions and make sure that your order is perfectly placed, to satisfy your every wish when the food arrives.  And don’t worry about cleanup, we’ve got that.

New World Mediterranean

FelFel is an all-American, Colorado based company serving up solid Mediterranean cuisine, at a fair price.  It’s a combination of qualities and traits that you won’t match elsewhere at any price.

Our connection to community stems from our roots. We are a Colorado based company interested in helping others thrive. FelFel supports nonprofit organizations, schools and neighborhood initiatives with positive objectives. We are honored to serve the public by offering: student discounts, special pricing packages for charitable events, and contributions. We appreciate your patronage and deem it necessary to return the favor in kind by investing in the future of our neighbors and friends.

We believe in renewing our world.