Grab & Go

Better For You Ingredients™

Slave to convenience?

Not enough hours in the day, to relax and feast like a king?
We understand; sometimes you just gotta’ feast at your desk.

Please, don’t default to fast food.
Don’t shorten your life just because life is short!

Grab and go was designed with you in mind.  For lunch, dinner, or even a snack, just stop by, grab it and go.

traditional olive leaves as corporate brand

Timeless Cuisine

When time is of the essence, dash into our restaurant and pick up ready-made items from our new Grab & Go section.  It’s a refrigerated case with a limited set of our most popular menu items.  You can be provisioned, paid, and gone in a couple o’ minutes.

See also, our delivery and catering alternatives to the dine-in experience.