Shawarma Restaurants Offer Great Taste

If you’ve never experienced shawarma restaurants before then you should visit us at FelFel Mediterranean soon and taste for yourself what you’ve been missing.  Shawarma is delicious and makes for a meal filled with flavor and variety as it can be enjoyed with in many ways.

If you’re not familiar with shawarma, this unique dish is made from seasoned meat, often beef or chicken that is stacked into a tall cone shape on a vertical spit.  The spit rotates in front of a grill and as the meat cooks, it is shaved off the spit into tasty pieces.  The shawarma can be served on a plate with traditional side dishes like rice pilaf, hummus, fattoush, and tabbouleh.  Shawarma restaurants also serve the flavorful meat in wraps and sandwiches, often made from pita bread.

At FelFel Mediterranean our shawarma is seasoned to perfection with garlic and spices.  We don’t overload it with salt and we don’t add any sugar to our marinade.  Our chefs shave it to order and serve it to you fresh along with your choice of sides, salads and sauces.  We recommend you try it as a sandwich, stuffed into our house made pita bread that is baked in a hearth oven right before your eyes.  Top it with Mediterranean salad, hummus and our signature hot sauce and we promise you’ll be a fan of our shawarma restaurants for life!