We are proud to be one of the best-rated restaurants in the region.  With hundreds of reviews comprising an aggregate score, we are ranked #1 in the Fine Fast-Casual segment, among all Colorado restaurants (as of this writing 03/13/2017) and have been in the top 10 continually since November of 2015.

Selected Reviews…

Mark E.

Littleton, CO

Had lunch here the other day. Staff was awesome, providing a warm welcome and thoroughly explaining the menu. I had the steak kabob plate, which was cooked to order on the grill and was accompanied with awesome rice and two sides. I chose hummus and Greek salad, and both were really good. The plate was served with a pita as well. Steak was cooked perfectly and was really flavorful. I highly recommend FelFel to anyone that enjoys Mediterranean food. This restaurant manages to combine the quality of a classic dining establishment with the convenience of fast casual. Absolutely eat here–you won’t be disappointed!

Adam D.

Denver, CO

Great food. Had the shwarma beef plate, very good. Tried Tazakis and this place is great. Will come back soon!

Mark H.

Denver, CO

This place smells, sounds and feels like you have stepped off a plane on the other side of the world. It’s clean, friendly, priced reasonably and the food is great with exotic Mediterranean flavors. Order, pay at the counter, have a seat at a table and in five minutes it’s ready. What’s not to love. When word gets out this place will be packed.

Mande D.

Englewood, CO

Finally made it over here after reading the reviews and seeing the restaurant in the neighborhood. I can’t believe I waited so long! I took advantage of a Living Social deal, and will definitely be back again and again. The falafel was amazing, the baba ganoush was incredible–not overwhelmingly smoky like some places can make it. I agree with several other posters about the pita, it’s fluffy and fairly yeasty tasting. The staff were friendly and helpful despite the dinner rush, even leading a family over to the cooking line to better describe various items on the menu. I think this is going to be a great addition to the neighborhood!

Lauren B.

Aurora, CO

This was my first time trying Mediterranean, and I LOVED it! The owner was really nice, and was able to make a recommendation on the menu for me. The portion size was a perfect balance! I will definitely be returning and highly recommend this place!!!!