The $1000 Gift Card

Would you pay $1000 to eat 100 fantastic meals?

With the most amazing food on the planet?

Including amazing service?

Plus free drinks for yourself and everyone at your table?

In a place so sublime, you just wanted to hang out all day?

Where the people felt like family… like a ROYAL family?

FelFel is offering an industry first:  A restaurant subscription.  You can stop by to indulge in your choice of our entrees, a hundred different times, for $1000 per person(*).

Limited-time offer, available exclusively for early patrons during our Grand Opening celebration.  We know you’re addicted to FelFel and we appreciate you spreading the love.

* Desserts and drinks, additional sides, and services such as delivery, may be charged separately.
* Excludes shrimp entrees
* Offer may be discontinued by refunding your balance at any time.