Is it just Falafel, misspelled?


FelFel is Falafel, elevated.  Most falafel are dry crumbly clumps of packed grain, deep fried to a bronze color and used to make you feel full after eating a bite or two.  They’re heavy.  HEAVY.

Ours are substantial too, but in a bright cheery green tone that speaks to healthful ingredients, freshly minced spices, whole chick peas instead of dry powder from a bag on the shelf… We make Falafel that doesn’t make YOU feel awful.  It’s a superfood!

Because: YUM

If you haven’t sampled our Falafel yet, you owe it to yourself.  These little miracles could totally revamp your opinion of healthful eating.  We believe in them so much, we’ll hand you a couple of them, FRESH, for free.  After which, you’re probably going to order an entire Falafel platter.

FelFel reinvents Falafel.  With love!