Searching for Gyros Near Me? You May be Missing Out on Something Better.

Let’s say you have a craving for Mediterranean food and decide to search for gyros near me.  Undoubtedly the internet is going to report lots of options.  But what it probably won’t report is that gyros aren’t necessarily a healthy choice.  It also might not lead you to FelFel Mediterranean, where we serve healthy and delicious meals, but NOT gryos.

When you enter the search words gyros near me into your browser you’re going to find some fast food options.  At FelFel our service may be fast, but our food is not.  We take the time to do things right and that means using all natural meats that are perfectly seasoned but not drowning in sugar, salt and fat.  We make chicken and beef shawarma and rotisserie chickens that are cooked right in front of you.  And our salads and sides are fresh and flavorful.

So why don’t we serve gyros?  Well, the truth is that gryo meat is highly processed and full of sodium and fat.  It is a compressed meat product made with many additives and it simply doesn’t pass our strict quality test.  So stop searching for gyros near me and instead try something that both tastes great and is good for you at FelFel.