Regional Mediterranean Cuisines

It would be a mistake to classify all Mediterranean cuisines alike.  Granted they do share similarities.  But each country or culture brings its own flair to the same familiar dishes found in menus across the continental United States.

Great Taste is Politically Agnostic

Not all Mediterranean restaurants were founded by immigrants, or by people from the same point of origin.  Certain regions of the USA are populated more heavily by Israeli communities, or by Greek, Persian, Turkish, Lebanese, Palestinian, Syrian, or others.  These are named in no particular order of dominance or preference.

Our owners thoughtfully refuse to mix politics with business, by choosing sides.  They appreciate the dishes found in several of these regions.  Rather than try to be the world’s most authentic Greek or Lebanese spot, they’ve become a best-of-breed hybrid.  Maybe one country makes the best Pita, while another country prides itself on amazing Baklava.  Why not have it all?

New World Mediterranean

For those who just gotta’ know, FelFel is a thoroughly American establishment with plenty of love for all-of-the-above.  It’s not a flag waving sentiment, but a simple fact.  All told, FelFel is more aligned with good taste than with any singular heritage.  Taste and take note!