The Story of FelFel

Ever felt that restaurant food was becoming industrialized?  Mass market?  Prepackaged?  The people of FelFel noticed.  We set out in the opposite direction.  We emphasize fresh, full flavored, honest food… meticulously made from all-natural ingredients.

Premium quality should exist at an affordable price in a very accessible fast-casual setting where anyone may partake.  We don’t just believe this, we deliver it

Great food brings warmth and camaraderie to life.  People connect over food in ways unmatched by any other pursuit.  Food should be inclusive.  We respect dietary standards and preferences.  We encourage our patrons to think globally, eat locally.  And we savor the opportunity to serve.

Our Promise

Enjoy your food or let us know.  We will always make it right.

We guarantee you’ll feel comfortable and welcome during every visit.  Meanwhile we will change the way you think about Mediterranean food.  Our menu may look familiar, but the quality of our food is in a league of its own.  We also believe in a little healthy competition.  We challenge you to compare our food to others.  That’s how confident we are!  If anything falls short of your expectation, we are quick to revise, replace or refund any item.

By Request

FelFel is always flexible about special requests, dietary needs, advance scheduling, on-site catering, online ordering, delivery, and various other accommodations.  Please contact us with your special requests, ideas and event plans.

We look forward to hitting your “sweet spot”.
Speaking of which… have you tried the Baklava?

How about soft-serve Baklava Ice Cream, drizzled with honey?  A FelFel Original!