Clean Beyond Clean

We have spotless restrooms.  All our employees are certified for food handling.  We have an open kitchen.  We don’t allow spills to linger on counters or food prep areas.  Employees stay in uniform with hats and gloves.  Cashiers do not handle food unless they wash their hands, first.  We routinely inspect every surface throughout the premises.  We don’t just look sharp, we stay alert and demonstrate a deeper level of care.

Fresh Beyond Fresh

We have no heat lamps.

Our fryer is never used for more than item.  We have a separate one for fries, another for falafel.  So there is no chance of cross-contamination.  Gluten-free foods stay gluten free.

Salads are never out of the bag.  They are chopped fresh.  We won’t serve wilted leaves, soggy veggies, or anything prepackaged or prewashed.

OCD Much?

We are this obsessed about ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING.  Imagine that!