I laughed out loud when I first pictured FALAFEL FOR LIFE.  The vision in my head was a swimming pool filled with deep-frying chunks of chick pea flour, an ocean of protein-rich meat substitute to fill the cravings of a million Vegan people.  Like, who would really eat a steady diet of Falafel for the rest of their lives? Very funny.

Then I got addicted to the food at FelFel.  Now you can laugh at me if you want.  But seriously, the Falafel is that magical part of the meal that goes “thump” when it hits the bottom of your belly, and makes you believe that everything on the plate was extra rich, extra filling and nutritious.  You know that feeling you get from stuffing at Thanksgiving dinner?  Yes, that.

Banish Hunger Forever

Everything at FelFel is good stuff.  Salads, meats, dips, sauces and sides.  They do everything right.  But getting an extra side of Falafel, at every meal… that’s the satisfaction of believing that you may never know hunger again.  And THAT is glorious.

All you need to do, to win FALAFEL FOR LIFE, is show up at our grand re-opening event.  Not asking much for eternal bliss, are we?

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