Looking for Gluten Free Restaurants in Denver?

If you’re one of the many people who has a gluten intolerance you know that it can sometimes be difficult to find a healthy meal that fits into your diet requirements.  If you’re looking for gluten free restaurants in Denver life is about to get a lot easier and more delicious thanks to FelFel Mediterranean.

The Mediterranean diet has long been known as the healthiest around.  But what you may not have known is that it is also primarily gluten free.  While gluten can be found in pita bread and pasta, the healthy and delicious food we serve at FelFel is 90% gluten free naturally.  That includes our kebabs, shawarma, rotisserie chicken, and most of our sides and salads.

When you’re looking for gluten free restaurants in Denver you may come up with some unhealthy choices.  But when you dine at FelFel Mediterranean, you can rest assured knowing that we use the highest quality products available.  We source locally when possible, and our food is not loaded down with fat, salt, sugar and GMO products.  This is simply because we believe that the quality of our food goes hand-in-hand with good health and great flavor.

Try FelFel soon and you’ll never have to search for gluten free restaurants in Denver again!