FelFel Food

Regional Mediterranean Cuisines

It would be a mistake to classify all Mediterranean cuisines alike.  Granted they do share similarities.  But each country or culture brings its own flair to the same familiar dishes found in menus across the continental United States.

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What is Shawarma?

Start from stacks of fresh filets, carved from solid slabs of meat.  Slice them thin enough for a full flavored marinade to penetrate to the core.  Pile them onto a vertical rotisserie grill.  Turn and burn.  Scorch the edges while cooking the interior to absolute perfection.  Let the flavor and texture vary from caramelized crunchy bits to melt-in-your-mouth soft bits.

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A Few Side Notes

Every restaurant has a few sides.

Ours have funny names.
Please let us explain…

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Grab & Go

Better For You Ingredients™

Slave to convenience?

Not enough hours in the day, to relax and feast like a king?
We understand; sometimes you just gotta’ feast at your desk.

Please, don’t default to fast food.
Don’t shorten your life just because life is short!

Grab and go was designed with you in mind.  For lunch, dinner, or even a snack, just stop by, grab it and go.

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What’s Different about FelFel?

FelFel places an emphasis on quality, to the point of being ridiculous.  We obsess over every little point of preparation.  Freshest ingredients.  Meticulous processes.  Extra staff to handle very manual tasks like fresh-baked Pita bread being made by hand from “scratch” ingredients like flour and water and oil.

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Is it just Falafel, misspelled?


FelFel is Falafel, elevated.  Most falafel are dry crumbly clumps of packed grain, deep fried to a bronze color and used to make you feel full after eating a bite or two.  They’re heavy.  HEAVY.

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