Individually plated option is available for $2 extra charge per person.

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Fresh, Mediterranean Food For Your Next Business Meeting or Luncheon

Our amazing chefs have created a wide variety of healthy dining options for your next business meeting or luncheon. We pride ourselves on our selection of high quality offerings, providing you with new and healthy flavors no matter which items you choose.

We have multiple vegan & gluten free dishes to choose from so you don’t have to compromise on health or taste. Finally, for your VIP dinners or upscale company parties, we offer an elegant setup that will make you glad you chose FelFel Mediterranean as your caterer.

Elegant VIP dinners & parties

Customize your menu!

We fit into any budget

Healthy for lunches & meetings

Uniquely flavorful

FelFel delivers!

Who says there is no free lunch!?

Do you plan Catering for your company? You could qualify for a FREE TASTING of our diverse, colorful, health conscious menu. We can provide buffet-style catering for less than $16 / person. Far from the everyday, our flavors are incredible. But they are presented in familiar ways… as a salad, wrap, or plate.

Supposing you represent a company of 50+ employees, you may bring as many as 4 stakeholders to our restaurant, for lunch or dinner on our tab. Make arrangements in advance by emailing

Please let us know who’s coming, and which day and time. Also we’d love it if you could forecast how many employees you expect to feed on average, and how frequently you expect to call on our catering service. Lastly please let us know your business location to assure that you’re within range.

When we receive these details, we’ll respond within 48 hours to confirm your reservation.

Looking forward to seeing you here!

If you have questions about ordering FelFel Mediterranean catering, please call us at
(303) 586-5540 or email us today at!